Wrong Side of The Road
Roadkill, Conservation, Creative Art & Publishing
Welcome to Wrong Side of the Road
Wrong Side of the Road explores the roadkill phenomenon from ecological, sociological and artistic perspectives. Our core focus is to improve public knowledge and understanding of roadkill, reduce the number of wildlife killed on the roads and improve road safety (vehicle - wildlife collisions account for 20% of crashes in rural Australia).
We believe that bringing the subject of roadkill to a broader audience will encourage debate and build greater awareness of what to expect on the road. Roadkill is often ignored, considered to be an unpleasant but unavoidable consequence of modern life.
The Roadkill Recipe books portray an overview of Australian roadkill with a humorous twist for the gallivanting gourmet. The beautifully photographed books address the confronting issue of roadkill, highlighting conservation and road safety whilst satirising glossy cookbooks and foodie travel.
Contributions from the sale of Roadkill Recipe Books are directed to various conservation and road safety projects.